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These are lectures, with images, text and audio, that I have created for my online classes. All text and audio is copyrighted Creative Commons.

History 103

Online lectures (2014)

8-week combinations

8-week combinations (SSL for Canvas)

Week 1: Doing History/Paleollithic and Neolithic Eras
Week 2: Mesopotamia and Egypt/ Ancient Peoples
Week 3: Ancient Greece/Hellenistic Empire
Week 4: Roman Republic & Empire/Late Antiquity
Week 5: The Early Middle Ages/ Medieval Politics, Economics and Technology
Week 6: Medieval Society, Philosophy and Culture/Late Middle Ages
Week 7: Renaissance/Exploration and Global Trade
Week 8: The Reformations/ Religious Wars 

This is a set of in-class lectures recorded as slides with audio ("slidecasts") in fall semester. Includes transcriptions for 2008.

History 104 Online: Western Civilization since 1648

8-week combinations complete

8-week combinations (SSL for Canvas)


History 104 on campus

History 105: History of England

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History 111: U.S. History since 1865

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History 106: History of Technology