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Heading back to my regular blog…

so if you’re looking for me: Turning off comments to stop the spamming. C ya!

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I blogged once on my frustrations when I started making it, so you know I decided to use Posterous, mostly because I’d never used it and I wanted to see if I could tweak it to make it do what … Continue reading

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Say, what about my grade?

No, we have not been asked to evaluate this class yet, but I’m gonna. I LOVED this class. Everything about it was great: the resources, the synchronous meetings every Tuesday, my fantastic and brave colleagues, the posting, the commenting, the … Continue reading

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Pecha Kucha (Too) Mucha

Yeah, I went too long. Like, way too long. Not 20 seconds per slide but more like 45. On at least one I went over a minute. But heck, I tried it and it was fun. No, I’m sorry — … Continue reading

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I hate concept maps, so I’m doing another one

I was really mad at George Siemens, who made me do a concept map as part of the Connectivism class in 2008. Here was this whole class using and exploring all these tools, and for this one particular assignment we … Continue reading

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Presentation, practice, and pedagogy

(Yeah, well, you title it, then.) Our presentations yesterday in class featured my brave and wonderful fellow students Jamie Forrest and Angela Byrnes talking about professional development, and mentors Tania Sterling and Lyn Hilt talking about social media for teaching … Continue reading

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Just a quick rant, I promise

How is your weekend, Lisa? How’s the technology going? How’s it going with your project in that crazy online class you’re taking? Well, I’ll tell you. I had this great idea to create a survey for department chairs about how … Continue reading

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Open Culture: Burke, Paine and Jaron Lanier

How things are envisioned is not always how they play out. We are in the middle of this internet revolution, trying to figure out how it’s going to go. I am reminded of the French Revolution (occupational hazard, I’m afraid). … Continue reading

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I Hate(d) My Class Project

Ever have those times when you set stuff up and it doesn’t seem to be working? This time it wasn’t the technology — it was me. I really did intend to create something for my final project that would be … Continue reading

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So Karl Marx posted on my blog…

I posted on Michael Wesch, and within a couple of days he replied on my blog. The same with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach. It’s exciting, and is supposed to show the power of open education. The implication is that this kind of … Continue reading

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