I blogged once on my frustrations when I started making it, so you know I decided to use Posterous, mostly because I’d never used it and I wanted to see if I could tweak it to make it do what I want.

After realizing I couldn’t move clips even though they uploaded, I did end up reuploading all my media, after making pages for each era instead of using posts. I could have used posts and faked the dates to organize them correctly, but pages seemed more discrete and appropriate. More time was spent redoing than doing, except for the writing.

Finding the clips and exploring the themes was the most satisfying part of this project, exploring the connections between the history and the human relationship to technology. Thinking like a historian again. Sometimes I think I don’t spend enough time doing that in my job, and I really wanted the chance in my final project.

So enough. Go take a look.

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