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Heading back to my regular blog…

so if you’re looking for me: Turning off comments to stop the spamming. C ya!

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I blogged once on my frustrations when I started making it, so you know I decided to use Posterous, mostly because I’d never used it and I wanted to see if I could tweak it to make it do what … Continue reading

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Say, what about my grade?

No, we have not been asked to evaluate this class yet, but I’m gonna. I LOVED this class. Everything about it was great: the resources, the synchronous meetings every Tuesday, my fantastic and brave colleagues, the posting, the commenting, the … Continue reading

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Mashups and piracy in the service of education

I’ve read and listened and viewed, and I still have no idea what my view is on mashups. The copyright idea means paying people for their publicly-distributed intellectual property. In the U.S., this is as basic as the idea of … Continue reading

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(My ) Open Evaluation

Every four years (two if you’re naughty), MiraCosta College’s tenured instructors undergo full faculty evaluation. This includes at least two classes of student surveys, and one other either visited by another faculty member or surveyed, and a survey of 20 … Continue reading

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Pecha Kucha (Too) Mucha

Yeah, I went too long. Like, way too long. Not 20 seconds per slide but more like 45. On at least one I went over a minute. But heck, I tried it and it was fun. No, I’m sorry — … Continue reading

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Meta-lessons in Jenkins’ “transparency problem”

Still reading on the issue of “skills for the 21st century”, this time Henry Jenkins et al’s Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century. Jenkins and his colleagues set out very clearly the skills and … Continue reading

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Going to extremes

We are taught a subject, yes, but we are also taught the milieu and the intentions behind the learning environment. If you take adopting social media/connectivism/web-based learning in schools to the extreme, here are the lessons it might teach. They’re … Continue reading

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I hate concept maps, so I’m doing another one

I was really mad at George Siemens, who made me do a concept map as part of the Connectivism class in 2008. Here was this whole class using and exploring all these tools, and for this one particular assignment we … Continue reading

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Another off-the-wall perspective

Off the wall and probably off base, I guess I’m turning into the class curmudgeon (move over, Jud). I don’t want to be a believer, to be part of a “movement for change”, to be part of the solution, or … Continue reading

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