More with animation

Continuing the project, and also posted on my online teaching blog, is this Blabberize. Blabberize wants you to do the speaking, so using Snapz Pro X, I recorded the audio from the GoAnimate. Then I converted it to mp3 in Audacity, and uploaded it to Blabberize. The result, Scott Lo told me, wasn’t viewable on [...]

Plotagon and Gilgamesh

The software is Plotagon, which is free and in beta. It was shared with me by Tom Hodgers, a member of the POT Cert class, because I was looking for a replacement for the now defunct Xtranormal. I ran it on Mac OS 10.6 even though it requires 10.7. Then I uploaded to Vimeo, [...]

Shakespearean LOLcat

I saw some of these from Laura Gibbs (she also posts great Latin LOLcats) and just had to make one. The idea is to take a Shakespeare quotation combined with a cat pic. I’m adding it as a Visual Assignment.

ds106 Daily Create Challenge (18)

A limerick about a very famous person (via cogdog). OK!

One should not ever disparage the Queen as she rides in her carriage she’s a symbol of wealth and in excellent health she signed to approve same-sex marriage