Plotagon and Gilgamesh

The software is Plotagon, which is free and in beta. It was shared with me by Tom Hodgers, a member of the POT Cert class, because I was looking for a replacement for the now defunct Xtranormal. I ran it on Mac OS 10.6 even though it requires 10.7. Then I uploaded to Vimeo, [...]

5 Monsters and the Women Who Love Them

Inspired by Melanie’s Librarians.Yes, I detect a theme too. [...]

Monster Mashup Tribute

A bit of silent film, a few monsters, and a song from Alice Cooper. I loved making this, just me and Quicktime. [...]

Watching Movies with the Stereo On

An idea for a ds106 assignment, like when you have the TV and the stereo on at the same time, and somehow, it kinda fits.

Kagemusha / Zorba

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Frankenstein / Circle of Life

frankensteincircleoflife ▶ jQuery(document).ready(function() {if ( [...]