Shakespearean LOLcat

I saw some of these from Laura Gibbs (she also posts great Latin LOLcats) and just had to make one. The idea is to take a Shakespeare quotation combined with a cat pic. I’m adding it as a Visual Assignment.

A subtle ad

Just a little ad for ds106. [...]

Audrey in Paris

I’m not sure what this is, exactly, but I was inspired by the Cinemagraphs that had some things that moved and others that didn’t. So I wanted Audrey Hepburn to stay still while the traffic went by behind her. Got the footage from YouTube and expo… [...]

ALT-Little Mermaid

How it should have ended. Done with GIMP, having fun with layers. Or, we could take care of the problem even earlier in the story. I have given up trying to figure out which Visual Assignments these are, and I don’t have the heart to add more to t… [...]