Fosse animated gifs

Just getting warmed up for camp by making a couple of Bob Fosse choreography animated gifs. His work seems to lend itself to the format. First, the man himself, from The Little Prince:


This was done by downloading the clip from YouTube, then opening in QuickTime Pro and exporting as an image sequence. The first time was a default of 4 frames per second, which was too choppy, so I changed it to 8. Then I tried the Gifninja site our camp director Alan Levine used, but I didn’t like it. Too fuzzy. So I used Picasion instead, at fast speed.

Then (always a favorite of mine) the Sweet Charity dance hall girls (this one is subtle): 


For this one I did the same thing with Quicktime, but then tried Make a GIF instead. It lets you use 20 images instead of just 10 like Picasion, but that made a huge file (over 1 MB) so it wouldn’t play well. I went back to Picasion.

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