Video Essay: Desk Set (1957)

Video Essay: Desk Set (1957)

I am intrigued by the relationship between people and computer technology, and particularly the ways in which computers force us to emphasize that which is human about us. My video essay (11 minutes) is about the movie Desk Set (1957). My emphasis on the set shows too many years spent in technical theatre.

To make it, I used MactheRipper to rip the movie, Cinematize to pull the scenes, and iMovie 8 (I tried iMovie 9 but it made me crazy) to do the narration, edit the clips, add a couple of transitions, and move audio levels.

2 comments to Video Essay: Desk Set (1957)

  • Ed Webb

    Very nicely done. I totally want to see this. Of course, now that Watson can win Jeopardy, maybe it can replace knowledge workers, too. Interwebs + machine learning –> superlibrarian.

  • Lisa M Lane

    I think the Watson thing fits into Bunny’s reassurance to Peg in this movie. Jeopardy is about fact retention rather than judgment, and is essentially based on mathematical formulations for answering properly. I actually still find Deep Blue winning the chess match to be more impressive in this regard.