Gay Appreciation Mashup

I’m not big on challenging the intent of my sources, although I realize that is one intent of a mashup. I prefer mashups that emphasize the point being made in the clips instead. It’s not that I don’t get it. I just usually appreciate the media in the first place because I appreciate the artists’ intention and want to move with it.

So…here’s my mashup.

Gay Appreciation Mashup from Lisa M Lane on Vimeo.

2 comments to Gay Appreciation Mashup

  • Jim

    Brilliantly conceived and executed—I love this mashup because it plays beyond any one work and develops a powerful reading that works brilliantly with the song. It is almost an anthem. What’s more, it also plays into the whole vidding culture idea of fan labor and the like which we have been talking about this week. In many ways the, as Brian Lamb argued a couple of weeks ago, we can see the idea of the mashup becoming so diffuse that the term is losing some of its power—and your video in my mind crosses the boundaries of several assignments, it is an interpreation of moments in all these films (the video essay), the recontextualizing of the clips (mashup/remix), and an homage (fandom). As usual, you break all the rules and make them new again :) Awesome stuff.

  • Lisa M Lane

    Thank you, Jim – praise indeed! You can’t imagine the total amount of joy that went into making it. I didn’t make the connection between that joyful creation and the fandom thing till you just now mentioned it.