Snapping shots: the first three

I’m not much of a photographer. I’m envious of people who are, because they see the world differently than I do. A coupla years back at the ED-MEDIA conference in Honolulu, I walked to dinner with a group that included two of my favorite Flickr-posting photographers, Alan Levine and Kristina Hoeppner. It was fascinating to see what they photographed. They literally saw things I didn’t see. And took photos of them. Good photos.

So this Daily Shoot assignment is a chance for me to practice. Here are my first three photos:

This was for the Daily Shoot assignment “Make a photograph that features repetitions”.
This was for the Daily Shoot assignment “Fill the frame of a photograph with a single subject today.”
This was for the assignment “Pretend you’re a stringer for your local newspaper today. Make a photo that captures something newsworthy to you.”

So the Taco Bell snap is supposed to be a newsworthy item.

This is a neighborhood Taco Bell near where I work. It’s been there for many years. When I saw it this morning, I thought it was closing for good, and I was shocked. So I tried to do an internet search before I taught my class this morning, and instead turned up the fact that Taco Bell founder Glen Bell died a couple of weeks ago. He lived in Rancho Santa Fe, up the street from this very Taco Bell (even though he apparently ate at the one in Escondido).

But it turned out not to be so sad for Taco Bell Fans. Yes, Glen Bell died, but this Taco Bell isn’t closing. In researching further, I discovered:


Just renovating. Just closed for two months. No romance, no nostalgia. Just a facelift. So much for a moving story of change and entropy, a saga of things past. On to the next Daily Shoot…

4 comments to Snapping shots: the first three

  • Jim Groom

    I’m with you, and I like this dailyshoot assignment because it pushes me to get better. I would really like to keep it going after these next two weeks, but we’ll see if I don;t fall of the wagon again :(

  • Noise Professor

    No More Taco Bell Facelifts! – Gardner Campbell :)

  • Lisa M Lane

    LOL As I typed “facelift”, I was thinking “where have I heard this before?”.

  • Lisa M Lane

    Jim, it seems to take me longer each day to arrange for the photo, so I’m pretty sure I can’t stay on this wagon the way it’s bumping around.