Pimping my Posterous

I  know, the Reverend asked us to trick out our blogs weeks ago, but somehow I missed the memo about really, really using WordPress for this class. I’m tired of WordPressing (though Alan Levine says he has more WP blogs than I do). I spent all winter break working on my blog for the on-site Western Civ class (which, BTW, I offer as open but no one has joined — so much for the MOOC-fest).

I had done a final project in Posterous for Alec Couros’s EC&I 831 last semester, and I liked how it converts the video for you, so I figured, what the heck, I’m not going to have time to do much in this Digital Storytelling thing anyway, so why bother with the big WP?

Then I’m watching the stuff happen. The radio station, the tv station, the daily shoot, and I’m going, “oh no! I shoulda used WordPress! I can’t even get images in my sidebar!”

But now I am happier. I know you can hack at the CSS/HTML in Posterous, but it doesn’t look like either one to me. But today I found the Posterous Sidebar Flair Hack by Martin Ruiz, which lets me add my posts list and my flickr photos to the sidebar (natively, you can only add links and your profile really). His sidebar builder (love this!) implies that you put the flair code in after <div class="sidebar">, but I couldn’t find that code, so I just kinda stuck it in near the profile and began tweaking numbers and sizes.


It works! And now, I can search for more, or even look carefully at his code and see what I can do myself. Not widgets, maybe, but better indeed!

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