Pizza Story

This was a very strange experiment. I’m not much into photography (which is why I really respect people who are, like Alan Levine and D’Arcy Norman). I don’t know the difference between animated gif and stop motion, but I wanted to make a something of a much-appreciated pizza being eaten.


A few odd things happened (aside from the fact that I was quite sure my camera was in the exact same position on my soda cup but it obviously wasn’t). I cared about how the pizza looked as it disappeared, that it not go too fast or two slow. Then as I edited the images and threw some out ( only lets you use 14 images), I was very picky about which ones I needed to tell my story. I removed the ones with bites because they seemed to distract from the overall drama. I began to wonder whether I should have my head examined!

(Reload to play again — I didn’t want it to loop. That made a different story completely.)


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