Turn into someone you admire

Just an idea for an assignment.


I didn’t need actual morphing (well, I looked, but I couldn’t find anything free that really did it), and I didn’t want to use any expensive programs (i.e. Flash).

After a few false starts (MakeGif.com and other sites that blended two pics or considered “animation” to be alternately flashing the two images over and over), I found LunaPic. I had already sized the photos similarly, having chosen similar poses. I was able to upload first my photo, then Emma Goldman’s, then choose Animate -> Anim – Dissolve Frames. The first run was ok, but choppy, but LunaPic said right on the page “Repeat operation for smoother dissolve”. I did it twice, and got the right speed and smoothness I wanted. And it let me download it with no folderol or registration. Pretty cool.

Next time, I’d line up the facial features even better if I could.


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