Thinglink + Soundcloud test

I’m finally getting around to trawling for new ideas over at the POT Cert Class.

I listened to Joanne’s Soundcloud in her post, and was reminded – oh, yeah, audio!

I thought, that’s a nice picture of her. And the audio is playing over it. Would it be possible to make that a set of images that changed? After all, I’m still smarting from Slideshare’s cavalier decision to delete all my carefully synced audio lectures from my slide sets. So I put “soundcloud images” into DuckDuckGo, and somehow ended up at this page saying how you could add SoundCloud audio ┬áto an image in ThingLink, which I’ve never used. So I got a ThingLink account, uploaded an image, tagged it “LACMA”. Then I went into SoundCloud, used its new Record feature to record an audio test, then went back to ThingLink.

I added another tag and put in the URL for my SoundCloud audio, and changed the link image to a play button. Then I clicked Share to get the embed code to put it all here. Here’s what happened (mouse over if you don’t see the link buttons):


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