Trying educlipper

Yes, it’s supposed to be to share pinboards, like a edu-Pinterest. But that’s not what I need. I need a presentation tool.

Trouble is, I’m not very linear anymore when it comes to lecturing. I used to be. I used to have outlines, both on the overhead projector (my specialty is medieval technology) and on my notes (notes? what are notes?).

But over the years I’ve become less linear. But I’ve also become more visual. Powerpoints don’t do the trick – they’re linear too. I don’t like going back five slides, or keeping to multi-slide view open so I can see where to go next.

I tried CoolIris for this a year or two back. It was kind of OK, but clunky. Had to be installed on my classroom computer, which has the RAM of a small treadle sewing machine. I tried installing it on my own server. But then I had to download and upload folders and, well, those little tiles were kinda hard to see unless you moved the mouse just right to see down the…line.

So, pinboards! This is great, I thought, when I first saw Pinterest. So I tried it, but it compressed the images, and when you clicked on them it didn’t make them that big, not in good enough resolution for that big screen at the front of the classroom.

Along comes Educlipper, and that’s working better. I can add not only images from wherever on the web, but pdf files (the homework and documents) and video clips (don’t want to miss that cool Darmok episode where Picard does Gilgamesh).


5 thoughts to “Trying educlipper”

  1. Darmok is one of the best TNG episodes, mostly because Sir Patrick delivers those Gilgamesh lines so well.

    Did you not dabble with Prezi along the way? That’s where my non-linear finds its best expression so far.

  2. Great post Lisa! It made me chuckle quite a bit. I’m trying Evernote this semester since it seems to do many of the things you posted about. I’ll report back…or maybe you might like it as well. I have not yet installed it on my campus computer, but it is cloud based so I am hoping it will not drown the poor computer in the room where I teach. It seems to have the speed of a 486 at times. I’ll let you know. 🙂

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