Retro 70s lobby cards

The result of three influences: Jim Groom’s Movie Trading Cards assignment, Scott Lockman’s comment about getting into the 1970s aesthetic, and my own translation of these into 1970s lobby cards. Made with GIMP and an unreasonable infatuation with… [...]

Menn Diagram

Inspired by Alan Levine’s Venn Gandalf. I used Gliffy so I didn’t have to handmake a Venn diagram. [...]

Alternate Movie Poster: Pride & Prejudice

This one is part Alternate Book Cover (except that it’s a movie poster) but mostly If Movie Posters Told the Truth.

From its poor acting to its faux peeling paint to represent declining gentility, I have always hated this film. And Darcy walking across the field always reminded me of Heathcliff instead of the Darcy [...]

Seven Samurai Business Card

Taking inspiration from Alan Levine’s calling card for Bullitt, I also wanted a card people could turn to when they’re in trouble.

I got the still from the film, then found the kanji for “samurai” and made sure the phone number was in Tokyo/Osaka format. Created in GIMP, using the color from one man’s [...]