My Spubble: can’t we just do this online?

The assignment was to use yourself like a LOLcat, make fun of yourself. I’m kind of known for disliking on-campus meetings, even when I’m leading them.

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3 comments to My Spubble: can’t we just do this online?

  • Prof. Lockman

    There is a deep truth in this Spubble. But now I’m deeply curious to know more about the event. What was it and who was it intended for? Judging by the sound system, it looks like a serious wing-ding.

  • Jim Groom

    This is so much fun, and the sign and sound system seals it. Brilliant!

  • Lisa M Lane

    @Prof Lockman — it’s our all-volunteer all-faculty group on-campus workshop day. Media services loaned us the gear – I think it’s what they use for big deals in the theatre.@Jim – I almost cut the speaker out of the system, then I realized it would be better this way. :-)