Where’d that lamp come from?

Inspired by another ds106 exercise, an object inserted into movie stills.

Aladdin and the Lamp

Close Encounters with the Lamp
Causes intuitive insight into alien arrival.

Forbidden Lamp Planet
Lost civilization runs planet with mysterious high technology.

Citizen Lamp
Takeover of the publishing world made possible.

Lawrence of the Lamp
Lawrence’s amazing feat of uniting the Arab tribes during the Great War is finally explained.

2 comments to Where’d that lamp come from?

  • Michael Branson Smith

    I like this as a hybrid between the “Messing with the MacGuffin” and “Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From.” Characters in films would probably all love their three wishes. Kane must have run out though by the time he would have wished for his “rosebud” life back.

  • Ben

    We’re really starting to tread into the Fark.com photoshop feature territory now, which is actually a great thing! ds106 has built up a critical mass of animated gif, and other related photo editing skills, that the opportunities to create just about any type of silly, interesting, snarky, or downright humorous is upon us, YAY!