Daily Shoot faves

The best thing about the Daily Shoot assignment was that it forced me to take photos and therefore think about what I see in more photographic terms.

It was kind of like when I started in Twitter. I began thinking in 140-character spurts. Here everything I saw I started to frame in my mind. Would this make a good shot?

Here are some of the images my classmates made that I really liked:

by Cris Crissman, because of its composition by Ashley Buske because it was complex by Jabiz Raisdana because it occurred to me we could photograph anyone’s books and learn a lot about them

For mine, the most interesting thing I discovered was that I had a consistency to my photography, sort of a late 1970s aesthetic.


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

I didn’t realize that elements like wood and space and rectangularity (is that a word?) were so important to me when I frame a photo for public presentation.

But I’m not getting out the macrame.



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