Three Days of the Condor

This radio thing made me nervous because when it comes to media, I’m visual. I listen to the radio only in the car, and the stereo only if I’m doing something else. When I was in college, I didn’t have the radio on while writing papers — I needed the tv in the background. But I remember movie lines. A lot of movie lines. And story lines. I keep thinking I don’t know stories, but I do. Hollywood stories.

Or in this case a story from a book called Six Days of the Condor by James Grady, which was made into the 1975 film Three Days of the Condor (oh, the attention spans), which I present here for radio ds106 in a little over 7 minutes:

I’m learning about sound, having done this with two films now. You can’t just pull the soundtrack. I have to focus on particular scenes, then cut out dead space when it didn’t add any suspense. I have to pay attention to background sounds, and how they set the scenes (this film has a lot of electronic sounds: teletype, phones, machines). The ambient sounds were more important here than music. I’m getting a whole different perspective on movies, and learning to listen.

I was originally inspired by the Night of the Living Dead trailer on ds106 radio, then encouraged to do it again by Grant Potter‘s comment in Twitter. Tools: MactheRipper, Cinematize, Audacity.


4 comments to Three Days of the Condor

  • Cris

    Thanks for the encouragement, Lisa. As a video writer and producer, I see stories and this “radio thing” was making me nervous, too. But you’ve reminded me that I do love radio — I’m an NPR junkie. So I bet I can get into this. Enjoying your 7 Minutes of the Condor.

  • Brad Kozlek

    aha, so you’re the one responsible for this! kudos. Kept hearing it on the radio and loving it.

  • Lisa M Lane

    Yeah, it’s me – I didn’t put that in the meta data, huh?

  • Lisa M Lane

    Thanks! I used Cinematize after ripping to save the parts of the audio I wanted as .mov.