Last Days of Man on Earth (ds106 radio clip)

Worked all day on my contribution to ds106 radio. I noticed some soundtracky-type mashups, and some noir and sci fi, so I went that direction till I hit one of my favorite films, Last Days of Man on Earth (1973). I condensed the whole film into about five and a half minutes of audio and….gasp…uploaded. Twice, ’cause I messed it up the first time and didn’t have the title embedded in the Audacity export.

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The thing about this ds106 radio thing is that I have no idea what’s going on, and I don’t get most of the music (sometimes I think that’s because I’m 47; other times I think it’s because I’m female). Some sounds like college radio punk/Spike Milligan/Doctor Demento, and so far what I’ve heard is mostly guy stuff, or maybe it’s just when I’ve happened to tune in. While I don’t necessarily know what I’m hearing, there seem to be a lot of songs that aren’t mashups, just cool songs. If I were sure of that, I’d add more.


2 comments to Last Days of Man on Earth (ds106 radio clip)

  • Grant

    This is very cool – I am a huge fan of classic radio drama … love X-1 … #ds106 radio definitely needs more material like this … loved this piece

  • Jim

    And I hope we can rectify any imbalance in gendered material, but a lot of this stuff is just crazy :) It will be interesting to see how this works out, there are a ton of women in the UMW courses, and wondering if the vibe will disperse and even out. Cause like you, I don;t entirely understand what’s happen here, but I am digging it thus far.Thanks for joining what might seem a lonely fray, but hopefully not for long.