Footnote number 24

You know how it is. I had to order H. G. Wells in Nature 1893-1946: A Reception Reader, edited by John S. Partington, from interlibrary loan for the fourth time because I kept needing stuff I didn’t scan last time, and damn the book’s expensive on the secondary market. How can they ask $90 for an old collection with such a small audience?

Then I come upon footnote number 24 on page 32, in an article by a Henry Armstrong on “Scientific Method in Board Schools” from 1894: it says “this article has not been traced”. What? That’s all I’ve been doing, tracing articles. It even says the journal and edition:


The game is afoot! I set a timer. Educational Times in May of 1891. Well, that’s a Wellsian publication year, of course.

So it must be available at Hathi Trust, I think knowingly to myself. They don’t call it the Educational Times there, I remember. For some reason it’s indexed as Education Outlook, except the Search box doesn’t recognize that name. Had to deal with that little diversion two years ago while searching for this stuff the first time. Just a matter of tracing through….wait a minute. I’d have that, wouldn’t I? 1891 is a year that Wells published a number of articles. If I’d found the whole volume somewhere, I would have downloaded it. Search the hard drive, not the web. Find the ET for 1891…nope, don’t have it.

Back to Hathi. Volume is here…May…got it! in ET the important stuff is usually at the beginning. Yes, this must be it — lectures on teaching chemistry.


14.5 minutes. Nailed it.

[Updated 3 March 2023 thanks to a comment from John S. Partington, posted here!]