DS106 Psycho

“Create or modify an image of the number 106 that is in the genre of a horror movie. Make 106 seem scary and ominous.”

Using a poster from Psycho, I created new lettering using FlamingText.com, then realized there was no “Psycho font”, so downloaded it as yellow text, then opened in Gimp and used Apply Jitter to pencil to make the slashes in the letters like the old poster.

Yeah, I know, with me it’s always movies…

3 comments to DS106 Psycho

  • Michael Branson Smith

    You never know what’s going to happen in ds106. There may be terror, there may be dames in distress, but there will always be people making great work about ds106! Great stuff.

  • Lisa M Lane

    That’s pretty funny that you were commenting on my post while I was putting you in the cast for a new version!

  • Michael Branson Smith

    Be sure to include Prof. Oliver as well! He’s the real actor in the Psycho script.