Surprise! Final Exam!

Surprise final exam!

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  • Todd Conaway

    I wonder how long we will find bits and pieces of the ds106 course out there on the web. The glog is great! I just sent my colleagues links to the Bb and WebCt surveys you have on your lisahistory site. We have never really done that. Not sure why. Maybe fear of what we will find. Awesome work! Your presentations are great! Our three day summer teaching event is next week. I am doing a presentation, sans slides or anything except the web, on ds106 and a session on Diigo: great!

  • Lisa M Lane

    Since Martha and Jim are starting over again, ds106 will never die!That’s great that you’re using the surveys – it occurred to me my results are quite old (2007) and I need to do it again. I’d love to talk more about what you’re doing for your presentation, and the whole teaching event in general. Is your presentation being recorded?