World War I trenches

I started listening to the archive of the Web 2.0 Storytelling session with Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine, and was struck by the idea that we’re supposed to be doing things we haven’t done before.

So here’s something I’ve never done on a computer. It’s the sort of thing I do on the chalkboard, usually introduced with, “OK, everyone, I don’t draw. Not at all. Got it?”. But I doodle trench warfare on the board, instead of with authentic photographs, because I’ve always felt it’s best that way, though I’ve never been sure why.

I have never used an input device with a pen (or even a stylus, really), so I borrowed a Bamboo Tablet from the computer folks at the college, then used Snapz Pro (I could have used Screentoaster to be more Web 2.0-ish).


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