Crafts people

Curriculum Vita
Wherein I have my experience, employment history, and all the other things you'd expect on a c.v., plus links to many of my presentations and articles.

Lecture Collection and Digital Repository
Wherein I post my multimedia history lectures and presentations about online teaching

List of Screencasts
Wherein I post links to some of the screencasts I've done about teaching online

Wherin I post video mashups I've made from classes I've taken

Lisa's Online Teaching Blog
Wherein I post information and musings about online teaching

LisaHistory Tumblr
Wherein I store quotations, videos, and slideshows for reference

LisaHistory Connected
Another Tumblr, wherein I experiment with images and post for Connected Courses

Diigo Bookmarks
Wherein I save my bookmarks

Blogs for CCK08 | EC&I831 | DS106
Wherein I did tons of work

Wherein I have a profile and an online teaching group

Program for Online Teaching (archived)
Wherein I directed a professional development program for online instructors from 2005-2017

Our POT Certificate Classes reside in Wordpress:
Pedagogy First! (archive only)
Pedagogy First! 2012 (archive only)
on Google Sites:
Fall 2014
Fall 2015

Wherein I try to remember to post what I am reading

Other stuff:

Edmund Burke

Apps I like: VisualHub

Last updated 21 November 2018