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Basic how-to

Using Facebook to Join Groups (16 May 2011 - Vimeo)
Changing your web page Shows how to use the free Online-HTML-Editor to change your home page. (August 2010 - Jing)
An unrehearsed tutorial on activating Google Plus. (9 Nov 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)
How to add a blog post to the Pedagogy First G+ community for the POT Certificate Class. (18 July 2013 - Screenr)

Voki for weekly greetings (April 2013)


A brief introduction on changing settings in a Moodle forum so students can have permission to do more things. (Screenr March 2012)
A brief introduction to the different types of Moodle forums. (Screenr March 2012)
How to use Moodle as just a discussion forum. (Screenr March 2012)
Adding a live link and image without a toolbar (Screenr/YouTube July 2013)
How to back up a course in Moodle 2.3 (YouTube May 2013) Screenr
Using Moodle for items linked from an interactive syllabus (Nov 2011 - YouTube MiraCostaPOT)
[How to use Moodle only for graded items linked from an interactive syllabus. (8 Nov 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)]
MoodleBackup big (May 2011 - Jing)
Introduction to Moodle (Spring 2011 - Jing )Lisa M Lane shows her class as an example of using Moodle at MCC. (May 2011)
How to Embed a Youtube Video to a Moodle forum (April 2011 - Jing)
Why I Like Moodle (October 2010- Jing)

Class demos and tours



diigocollecting (May 2011 - Jing)


How to use privacy settings in Facebook to join a group without friending others or using FB for other purposes. (8 Nov 2011 - Screenr mccpot)
How to use privacy settings in Facebook to join a group without friending others or using FB for other purposes. (8 Nov 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)

For MCC faculty

For MiraCosta College faculty - how to change your course information on the Distance Education page. (21 Nov 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)

For students

For students: how to get set up to turn in work in Moodle for my Spring 2012 history classes. (8 Nov 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)
Introduction to Moodle (for students) (May 2011 - Jing)
First Week Summer 2011 History 104 (June 2011 - Jing)
Pasting an essay into a quiz Moodle - for students (March 2010 - Jing)
How to find and add a primary source to a Moodle forum (Feb 2012 - Screenr)
Lisa M Lane introduction (April 2013)
How to create a live link in Moodle 2 (Feb 2013)


make available Make your course available in Blackboard 9(January 2011 - Jing) 100 views!
out of Blackboard 117 views! (January 2011 - Jing)
Setting a Bb class to lead students elsewhere (June 2013)

MiracostaPOT videos

Screenr lisalanesoffice


For POT and Certificate Class

Edublog PF (July 2011 - Jing)
A demo of how to save bookmarks in Diigo to the MiraCosta College Program for Online Teaching (mccpot) group. (18 Aug 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)
Part 1 of Getting Started Chart (12 Sept 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)
Part 2 Getting Started (12 Sept 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)
Using Cocomment (13 Sept 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)

A chapter-based course design for inside a learning management system. (30 Nov 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)
Chapter-based course design for LMS (30 Nov 2011 - YouTube)
How I use Skim to draw freehand on a PDF document with a Wacom Bamboo tablet and Screenr lisalanesoffice to record. (30 Nov 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)
Using Skim to draw on a pdf and record (30 Nov 2011 - YouTube)
Using the Design Elements worksheet to realize your pedagogy through considering tools and the resources needed. (30 Nov 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)
Using a Design Elements Worksheet (30 Nov 2011- YouTube)
A weekly, one-column course design that can be used inside a learning management system. (30 nov 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)
Weekly, one-coumn course design for LMS (30 nov 2011 - YouTube)
Pedagogical Design worksheet (30 Nov 2011 - YouTube)
How to upload captions to a YouTube video. (2 Dec 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)
Using YouTube's automatic captioning, editing it, and uploading a better script. (2 Dec 2011 - Screenr lisalanesoffice)

Online Learning Theory (1 Feb 2012 - Slidecast)

mccpot account -- http://www.Screenr

LisaLanesOffice account

LisaMLane account

Trick to add comments to Engrade online gradebook. (26 Aug 2011 - Screenr LisaMLane)


Lecture intros for History 111-- YouTube with captions

The West
Incorporation and Immigration
Silver and Empire
The Great War
The Twenties
The Great Depression
World War II
The Cold War
The Fifites
War and Activism
Inclusion and Exclusion 1974-1992
The Contemporary US

Other video

Defense of lecture in SL (screenr. also downloaded and edited)
Into the Woods SL (screenr. also downloaded and edited)
Dancing at Corona Cay in SL (screenr. also downloaded and edited)