Spring 2013 Flex Week Workshops

POT Spring Flex Week 2013 – Thursday, Jan 10

11:15 Screencasting for Educators (1.5 hours – OC 4804) Robert Kelley and Shafin Ali

Don’t just tell your online students – show them!  You can record and share with your students whatever you wish to display on your computer screen, while you are talking about (e.g., using a microphone). Screencasting is a great way to share mini-lecturettes, make quick replies to students, demonstrate a method, or provide students with feedback on their assignments/quizzes. Importantly, you’ll get hands on experience with how to do this easily and for free!  We’ll focus on learning the basics of Screencast-O-Matic.  You’ll learn how to share your screencasts either as a URL link or how to embed the video directly within your course (e.g., using Bb or Moodle).  Note that other screencasting tools will also be shown.  This is a hands-on workshop.

1:00 Blackboard vs Moodle Smack Down (1 hour – OC 4809) Pilar Hernandez vs Lisa M Lane

The ultimate contest between our two learning management systems. Blackboard and Moodle go head to head on the most challenging jobs of the online instructor. Which is best for you? Keep score to find out! (Betting is not permitted on college grounds.)

2:00 Top 10 Resources for Teaching Online (1 hour – OC 4809) Lisa M Lane, Pilar Hernandez, Robert Kelley and Laura Paciorek

Have a question about online teaching but don’t know where to go? Just starting teaching online and want to know where to start? Been teaching online awhile but want to try a new tool? Need tutorials on Blackboard or information on how to earn flex credit watching videos about online teaching? We will explore a number of resources collected by the Program for Online Teaching.

3:00 Open discussion on online teaching (1 hour – OC 4809) Laura Paciorek and Jo Moore

Come and discuss your online teaching adventures with fellow faculty members. Individuals with no, little, some, and a lot of online teaching experience are all welcome. This discussion will focus on what the group wants to discuss.  However, prompts will also be provided to start the discussion. Questions are welcome, too! This workshop benefits faculty by giving them ideas that may improve instruction.


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