Fall 2010 First Fridays

Recorded sessions:

Sept 3: Robert Kelley: Multimedia E-books (with Barbara McPherson)
Learn how to create an ebook that supports student learning through the integration of text, images (with alt text), video (closed captions or linked to images & text), and web-links to related online resources and/or demonstrations.  Depending upon how the ebook it setup, students can then highlight text, add sticky notes, quickly search for terms, and even free-hand draw on the pages.
Handout is here [pdf]
Recording is here (starts 10 minutes into session — sorry!)

Oct 1:  Jim Sullivan: Online Quizzes — Implications for On-site and Online Classes
Online quizzes offer valuable teaching / learning opportunities, provide convenient alternatives for faculty and students, and open up precious time for activities benefiting from class interaction. Learn how online quizzes can generate benefits and challenges when used in on-site as well as online classes.
Recording is here

Friday, November 5

On-campus f2f Get-Together (1:10-2:00 T-413)
Face-To-Face (F2F) Get-Together – Brainstorming About Online Teaching
Join Laura Paciorek for an open discussion about what is and isn’t working for you in teaching online.

Simul-learn workshop: Christine Moore: Teaching through Discussion (2:30-3:30 in 4610 or online)
Learn the process of creating full course content within a discussion based class. This can be done with  both online and on-site with social networking sites or any LMS. Meet in 4610 or online.
Recording will be posted soon

Friday, December 3

f2f Get-Together about Online Teaching: Showcase and Support
Time: 12:30-1:50 p.m. (1.5 hours of flex credit), Room TBA
We will start with showcasing a class as our jumping point for discussion. As always, faculty may bring their own questions and thoughts about online teaching to share with the group. If you are interested in showcasing your online class, please contact Laura Paciorek. You are welcome to bring your lunch!
Hosts: Claudia Faulk and Richard Ma
For more information contact Laura Paciorek

Jim Sullivan and Lisa M Lane: The Interactive Syllabus
Time: 2:30-3:30 pm in 4610 or online (a simul-learn workshop)
A syllabus can be pretty dull, and if it’s the same text document you do for a classroom,  it may not even be what you really want for an online class. This workshop will give you ideas on how your syllabus can provide high levels of interaction between the learner and the material, tasks, and assessments that are required for your course. (Download sample syllabus to play with | see Pilar’s tutorial)
Recording is available here!

Set-up instructions for simul-learn workshops

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