Beginners’ All-Day Workshop: January 20

Start Here! Beginners All-Day Online Teaching Workshop

This workshop is closed due to full enrollment.

20 January 2011
Rooms: 4804 (lab) and 4809 (classroom)

Workshop description: You’ve been wanting to teach online for awhile, and have been meaning to get started for a couple of years. But every time you sit down to plan it out, you ask yourself the same question: “Where the hell do I start?” The answer is Start Here!, an all-day workshop for novices and beginners.

Goal: Provide novice and beginning online instructors with direction in creating their first online class, and an opportunity to focus on their own needs.

By the end of this workshop, beginning online workshop participants will:
1. be assisted in determining their own online pedagogy for one class
2. set up and storyboard a unit for an online class
3. set up Blackboard to match their own pedagogy as expressed on their storyboard
4. use the newly developed unit to determine which elements to add
5. review a road map of resources to learn how to add these elements

Certificate: this workshop counts toward one each of OT100, OT200, OT300 and OT400 requirements.

Cost: $20, payable by check to MiraCosta Academic Senate (put “PDP” in memo line) and sent to Louise McDermott at MS 8C. The fee is to cover materials and lunch, and is required to confirm your registration at the flex site.

Introductory screencasts:

Jill’s video recording
Lisa’s video recording
John Turbeville’s video recording
Janeen’s recording

Post-workshop survey