Test Time Exemption in Moodle

How to set Moodle to allow certain students more time on tests.

Test Time Limit Exemption in Moodle from Program for Online Teaching on Vimeo.

POT Newsletter #33 (Summer 2011)

Program for Online Teaching Newsletter #33

June 2011 — Summer Edition http://mccpot.org/wp

POT has a Facebook group

Join the POT community and share your online teaching ideas and challenges at our new group in Facebook.

More samples of how faculty teach their online classes

We have several short tutorials at the POT site where . . . → Read More: POT Newsletter #33 (Summer 2011)

Visual Pathways for Students

Students can easily get lost navigating an online class. You might consider using a graphics program to make a quick chart to show the visual pathway.

Visual Pathway examples

by Jeanine Donley and Lisa M Lane

How to embed a YouTube video in a Moodle forum

by Lisa M Lane

Grading multiple essays on one screen

A 2-minute tutorial on how to grade many essay answers on one screen.

by Lisa M Lane

POT’s “Where Do I Start?” chart

Handout #2 for Beginners Workshop

A flow chart for determining how to set up your online class based on how much help you need and what you want to do.

Getting Started Chart [pdf]

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Checklist: Teaching Well Online

Checklist: Teaching Well Online [pdf — print in color] A large checklist of everything you need to think of before, during and at the end of the semester.

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Saving bookmarks in Diigo

Lisa’s instructions to students on how to save bookmarks in Diigo as an extra credit activity.

by Lisa M Lane

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Backing up your whole class

Backing up your classes to your hard drive is important in Moodle, not just to save a copy but also to use Restore to upload the class into another shell

Lisa M Lane

How to point your Bb9 class elsewhere

Escape from Blackboard 9

At many colleges that use Blackboard, every class is given a Bb course. If your course or materials are elsewhere, the presence of a Bb class is just confusing. Here’s how to point your Bb class elsewhere.

Step by step: Open your class in Blackboard. Select Customization. – Check Style . . . → Read More: How to point your Bb9 class elsewhere