POT Newsletter #44 (October 2012)

Program for Online Teaching Newsletter #44

October 2012


POT First Friday is October 5 at Oceanside

Laura Paciorek hosts our successful First Friday workshop series in OC4804.

Come and discuss your online teaching adventures with fellow faculty members.  Individuals with no, little, some, and a lot of online teaching experience are all welcome.  Each First Friday will focus on what the group wants to discuss; however, prompts will also be provided to start the discussion.  Questions are welcome, too!

October 5 – 3:00-3:50 p.m.: Time/energy management – How do you manage your time/energy as an instructor and how do you help your students manage their time/energy?

Future sessions:

November 2– 3:00-3:50 p.m.: Evaluation – How do you have students evaluate your classes and how do you evaluate your students’ work?

December 7 – 3:00-3:50 p.m.: Renewal – What are your plans for your future classes?  What did you learn or what do you want to try next?

Sign up at the flex website.

Join the Discussion at the POT Cert Class

Join us by commenting at the POT Certificate Class – participants’ posts are collected at our Pedagogy First! blog. Week 5 starts October 7.
Here’s what’s coming up:

Week 5: The Online Syllabus

We’ll be reading Chapter 5: Creating an Effective Online Syllabus in our textbook (Ko and Rossen’s Teaching Online, available in the library or in the PDP office) and discussing due dates, participation, task sequence, scheduling, and creating a syllabus. We’ll also teach about creating an interactive syllabus.

Week 6: Internet Skills and Tools

We’ll be taking a quick Internet Skills quiz and exploring  Dave Raggett’s Introduction to HTML, learning about RSS feeds and setting up a newsreader account. We’ll also teach how to embed a video in a WordPress.com blog.

Week 7: The Online Classroom

We’ll be reading Chapter 6: Building an Online Classroom, to p. 159, and discussing adapting favorite teaching strategies to the online environment, whether it’s best to work in units or weeks, how much of the course one should make visible in advance, and how to handle pacing and class size. We’ll also try Twitter and teaching about building community in online classes.

Week 8: Creating Community

We’ll finish up Chapter 6, focusing on setting up communications with and among students, using quizmakers and gradebooks, tracking students, and issues in creating an online student lounge. We will also discuss how best to handle synchronous sessions, and explore Voicethread. Suggesting readings will be included on imagining a post-LMS era of open learning.

You do not need to be registered in the course to participate – just read and comment to join the conversation!

At the POT website

Check the POT website for videos of our workshops on August 14. So far, Creating Meaningful Discussion in Blackboard and Screencasting with Screenr are available. More are being added weekly. We also have information, tutorials, a Cool Tools list, and much more to help online instructors.

Don’t forget that viewing and reflecting on POT videos can count for flex. See our Get flex credit! page for details.

Quickie $40 2-week Moodle class if you act fast!

Nellie Deutsch of Integrating Technology for LifeLong Learning is offering a course to the first 15 people to sign up. The first week you’ll experience being a student in Moodle. The second week you’ll have teacher rights.

Check it out at http://www.integrating-technology.org/course/view.php?id=421.

Tool of the Month

Lately there has been a lot of interest in “pinboards”, websites where people can share images from across the web or from their own work, and put them together on a single page with information and commenting. The big name right now in pinboards is Pinterest.


Happy online, hybrid and technology-enhanced teaching,


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