POT Newsletter #35 (September 2011)

The next First Friday and F2F workshops are October 7

2:00-2:50 Sue Simpson’ Creating Meaningful Discussion in an Asynchronous Environment
How do you encourage dialogue among students, regarding current and topical subject matter, in an asynchronous environment? Wimba voiceboard allows simulation of the classroom discussion without requiring students to write excessively.“In many virtual learning environments, student and instructor communication is limited to text and static images.  Important elements of face-to-face communication, including the nuances of voice, are missing from text-based discussions.  Wimba Voice recaptures these elements, contributing to greater clarity and understanding. Voice discussions, announcements and podcasts promote active participation in the classroom.” (Elluminate session is here.)

3:00-3:50 Face-To-Face (F2F) about Online Teaching: Discussions on Discussion with Laura Paciorek
This workshop is sponsored by the Program for Online Teaching. This workshop is immediately after the first Friday workshop about using asynchronous discussion in online teaching. The face-to-face setting may provide an opportunity to continue the discussion about blogging or go into different interests that are brought up by the instructors in attendance. Please bring questions and ideas. Faculty will benefit from this workshop by learning tips to improve instruction. Students will potentially benefit as participants may be able to create new learning experiences for them based upon what is discussed in the workshop.

Sign up for all POT workshops, whether in a lab, on-campus, or online, at MCC’s flex website.

POT’s Open, Online Certificate Class is Huge!

This year we have offered our Certificate-earning process as an open, global, online class. We have over 90 participants from all over the world, and our course is being joined and followed by a number of facilitators of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Although the class started September 1 so it is too late to join to earn a certificate this year, the weekly activities and global conversation may be followed by anyone at our aggregated blog, Pedagogy First! Anyone may participate in any units they wish by using the potcert11 tag on their own blog and following along.

It is very exciting that the Program for Online Teaching is at the forefront of offering open pedagogical preparation for teaching online.

Other ways to join the conversation

POT has many ways to participate and join the conversation in addition to workshops:

Won’t you join us? All POT activities are open to all faculty, whether teaching online, on-site, or hybrid.

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2 comments to POT Newsletter #35 (September 2011)

  • Cindy Zimmerman

    I would like to join this group and participate in training to qualify for teaching online at MiraCosta and other workplaces. I have taken training with another college in another state.

    • llane

      Hi! The class is closed for this year to earn a certificate, but MCC faculty are welcome to participate on their own at Pedagogy First! for professional development, including flex credit. Just work on your own blog and do it as an independent flex project. See the FAQ for more information.


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