POT Newsletter #34: POT’s Open, Online Certificate Class

August 2011

The POT Certificate Class is open to all who enjoy learning about online, hybrid and technology-enhanced teaching.

Maybe you want a POT Online Teaching Certificate, or maybe you just want to be involved in a open class in online teaching, and a larger online teaching community.

Beginning September 1, POT will offer an open online class to fulfill your goals as an instructor using the web for teaching and learning.

It is open to everyone, for free. The instructors are members of the POT crew and the class participants themselves. We already have people signed up from other community colleges, universities, and as far away as India and New Zealand. Participants come with a wide array of experiences, ready to help each other explore the web as a place for teaching in a meaningful way.

What we’re doing is pretty special. Learning and working in an open web-based environment is the best way to understand how online teaching can utilize the affordances of the internet to provide a meaningful experience for students.

So take a look at both the Certificate Class FAQ and Pedagogy First! Our new website at Pedagogy First! will be the hub for everyone participating in the class. It includes feeds from all the participants’ blogs, and the full syllabus of what the class will be doing.


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