Presence as an online instructor

Bethanie Perry, MiraCosta College (History)

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  • Bethanie

    I wanted to follow up with the survey results I mentioned in the video. I had 12 students respond to the voluntary survey, and but one responder agreed or strongly agreed that instructor’s interaction in discussion forums was adequate (the one neither agreed nor disagreed). Responses to “what activities helped students the most” type question were highly in favor of discussion forums, at least 4 or more responses. In the comments at 4 or more also stated that Prof Perry’s videos helped in comprehending the material. And one student even stated they looked for the instructor’s feedback in the discussion posts. So maybe I am onto something. Several of the comments mentioned the videos I am specifically and maybe while not stating they therefore felt the professor’s presence any more or less because of these videos, I would still argue in favor of creating content beyond mere text for creating an active presence. We,as instructors, are more than typed words!

  • Joanne Carrubba

    I think being spontaneous is never a bad thing. I also use video lectures and discussion board feedback as a means of reminding them that I am paying attention to what they are doing in the online classroom. I think probing them to think more deeply about an issue is part of our job, and reminding them that “I agree” is not critical thinking is necessary.

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