POT Workshop Fall 2012: HTML, Link and Embed

POT Workshop August 2012: HTML, Link and Embed from Program for Online Teaching on Vimeo.

14 August 2012. Lisa and Laura discuss the behind-the-scenes approach to creating links and embedded media. Program for Online Teaching CC licensed A-NC-SA 2012.

Making a FAQ with internal links

This how to get that cool effect where a student clicks on a linked Q at the top, and the cursor bounces to the corresponding A at the bottom. This is called an internal link or an anchored link.

Here’s how to create those links in a FAQ using OpenOffice. This can then be copied and pasted into a blog post or Dreamweaver.

Using Open Office to create good-looking pages

Laura Paciorek’s screencast of how she uses OpenOffice to make pages as html files that can be used in Blackboard or anywhere on the web.

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