How to point your Bb9 class elsewhere

Escape from Blackboard 9

At many colleges that use Blackboard, every class is given a Bb course. If your course or materials are elsewhere, the presence of a Bb class is just confusing. Here’s how to point your Bb class elsewhere.

Step by step:
Open your class in Blackboard.
Select Customization.
– Check Style and make sure the course entry point is Announcements.
– Go to Tool Availability. Uncheck everything except the Announcements (leave all three checks there)
On the menu itself, for each item other than Announcements, use the arrow to delete them.
You should now be on the Announcements page. Make sure Edit Mode is on.
Create an Announcement.
If you are using Moodle or another LMS where each course has its own URL, point
them directly to that course. (In other words use “”, not “”.)
Or you can point them to an information page about your class.

Then be sure to make this information available to students:
Customize – Properties
Set availabillity to Yes.

Lisa M Lane

Interactive Checklists for Students in Blackboard

by Laura Paciorek (June 2011)

This video shows the viewer how to create “mark reviewed” buttons on their course website items, in Blackboard, so students have a way to check off each item as it is completed. This helps students insure that they do not miss any items as they go through their tasks in the class each week.

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Designing Your Menu in Blackboard

by Laura Paciorek (June 2011)

This video demonstrates for the viewer how to make the items in the left menu appear in larger text, in bold, and in italics. This technique may be used to bring students’ attention to different items in the left menu. This might be helpful for instructors who want to insure the left menu items are prioritized and organized in ways that help the student understand their importance and/or purpose. Instructors may also simply enjoy making the menu look a little different, adding to the visual interest of the course design.

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Course Website Tour Workaround

by Laura Paciorek (June 2011)

This video gives the viewer an idea for how a course website tour can be created using the tools available in Blackboard instead of through video programs that must be downloaded/installed and may require payment. Course website tours can be helpful at the start of each semester when students are becoming familiar with the online class layout. Wimba voice authoring, images, and text are used in the course website tours. Two examples are given: one has several images and one essentially only contains two images.

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Blackboard 9 Tutorials

Karen Korstad has created an entire class of modules for learning Blackboard 9. These count for flex credit as you work through Beginning, Intermediate and (soon) Advanced levels. Each unit successfully completed within the following Bb Modules is worth 1 hour of Flex credit.   To successfully complete a unit you MUST take the exam and get a passing grade.  Please refer to the specific unit as to how many questions you must get right to get a pass grade.  You can take the exams as many times as necessary until you achieve a Pass grade.

To access, log in to MiraCosta’s Blackboard. Check out the POT class inside BB: