Using Diigo to save bookmarks to the POT group

You can use Diigo to save bookmarks to a group, including the POT group. Here’s how.

Please note that since the video was made, the Diigo group’s name changed to “Program for Online Teaching”.

Pedagogy -> Technology How-To

Pedagogy Needs

How to create a simple welcome page for your students (Pilar Hernández)

Interactive Syllabus: Pilar Hern├índez’s tutorial on how to create an interactive syllabus with images in Blackboard. (November 2010)

Twitter inside Blackboard: Eric Robertson’s tutorial on how to embed Twitter inside Blackboard.

Diigo: Laura Paciorek’s tutorial on how to use Diigo and . . . → Read More: Pedagogy -> Technology How-To

Technology How-To

Course Management and MCC Systems

MCC Systems:

How to update your classes on the MCC current online course schedule page How to upload and download files to the MCC server from any computer Karen Korstad: Uploading to MCC’s server from your computer (Windows) [download WinSCP here] Uploading to MCC’s server from your computer (Mac) [download . . . → Read More: Technology How-To

Resource list: big list of resources by topic

Online resources from Faculty development associates.

Resource list: Training, classes and workshops

Training, classes and workshops

A number of official courses can be taken for graduate credit and used for salary advancement!

Merritt College 17-unit certificate in online teaching (a California community college) Saddleback College Online Educator Program (a California community college, 2 unit cc classes, will offer certificate) Cerro Coso College Online Certificate in Online . . . → Read More: Resource list: Training, classes and workshops

Resource list: Journals and Organizations

Journals and Organizations E-learn Magazine The Chronicle of Higher Ed: Wired Campus Educause New Media Consortium

Resource List: Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice College 2.0: Higher Education, Online Education and Web 2.0 Online Teaching: A community for online education enthusiasts

Group Charter Sample: Child Development

Laura Paciorek’s Group Charter for Child Development class [.doc]

Group Charter

Lyle Blackmon’s Group Charter for Hospitality class [.doc]

First Fridays for Fall 2011


Every First Friday of the month features a simulearn session in OC 4607 / Elluminate online, followed by a face-to-face meet-up, in OC T413. Register for all at the flex site. See our Simulearn Orientation.


—- Recorded sessions —– Sept 2

2:00-2:50 Jim Sullivan’s More Than a Passing Fancy: How Blogs Are Enriching . . . → Read More: First Fridays for Fall 2011