Advice to future ds106 students

My advice is straightforward, and damn preachy.

1. Jim Groom is insane. Get used to it. He’s wonderful. Don’t take anything personally except his praise.

2. This isn’t a course; it’s an experience. It can take up a lot of your time, a huge amount, and that’s good — don’t waste the chance to be immersed.

3. A WordPress blog is recommended. Do it. Don’t use something else, or the comments won’t get aggregated and you’ll be left out of the conversation unless you…

4. Use Twitter. A lot. The instructor and many other students respond faster there than anywhere else, and all the stuff that’s posted there will be cool and inspiring.

5. Get over yourself. Your voice, your face on video. Unless you have a restraining order against someone, don’t be afraid.

6. Help create the class. You can create assignments and ideas that others can use. You won’t get that chance in many other classes.

7. Learn. Learn. Learn.


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