My collection for Jim Groom's (and then Alan Levine's) ds106: Digital Storytelling class at the University of Mary Washington, starting January 2011.

I am a community college history instructor and director of the all-volunteer faculty Program for Online Teaching at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California.

And proud Camper of the Week for Week 3 of ds106 camp in Spring 2012!




More with animation

Continuing the project, and also posted on my online teaching blog, is this Blabberize. Blabberize wants you to do the speaking, so using Snapz Pro X, I recorded the audio from the GoAnimate. Then I converted it to mp3 in Audacity, and uploaded it to Blabberize. The result, Scott Lo told me, wasn’t viewable on iPad, so I did what everyone does who can’t get things to work – uploaded to YouTube.

This also uploaded to YouTube, a whole thing in GoAnimate (which I had to record with Snapz since they don’t let you save with the free account):

Plotagon and Gilgamesh

The software is Plotagon, which is free and in beta. It was shared with me by Tom Hodgers, a member of the POT Cert class, because I was looking for a replacement for the now defunct Xtranormal. I ran it on Mac OS 10.6 even though it requires 10.7. Then I uploaded to Vimeo, until I realized they (still) don’t have captions. So I uploaded to YouTube, put in the script for the new transcribing service, and then used a special embed code (cc_load_policy=1) to force the captions to show.

I liked it enough to make it my own Video Assignment (#1225).

More on the pedagogy at my other blog

Shakespearean LOLcat

I saw some of these from Laura Gibbs (she also posts great Latin LOLcats) and just had to make one. The idea is to take a Shakespeare quotation combined with a cat pic. I’m adding it as a Visual Assignment.


ds106 Daily Create Challenge (18)

A limerick about a very famous person (via cogdog). OK!

One should not ever disparage
the Queen as she rides in her carriage
she’s a symbol of wealth
and in excellent health
she signed to approve same-sex marriage