About Lisa and this blog

This blog had its origin as an ancillary to my work in the Program for Online Teaching, which was founded at MiraCosta College in California in 2005, and ended in 2017. I had a separate history blog, but I combined the two.

I have been teaching college history since 1989, and online classes in history since 1998. You can see my c.v. here. I have also been a professional lighting designer, a Manpower temp, a clerk in a law firm, a textbook contributor, an IATSE extra, a political campaign worker, a production manager for a Shakespeare festival, and a cold caller for a portrait studio. I was even a playground monitor for exactly two hours until I was fired for letting the kids do whatever they wanted at lunchtime.

I began writing novels in November 2019. The first, Before the Time Machine, is a work of literary fiction. The second is a semi-cozy historical mystery Murder at Old St. Thomas’s, published March 2022. The third is a sequel to that, Murder at an Exhibition, upcoming.

Also in process is a collection of H. G. Wells’s science teaching writings, and work on Wells and distance education.

My books are being published at Grousable Books.