Dividing the Pool

photo cc finalgirl via Flickr

I’ve gotten out the rope with the red floaty balls and divided the pool.

The main page of the POT Certificate Class now features posts from those who enrolled to earn a certificate, their mentors, and our facilitators. It’s the shallow end. We’ll all do the same thing, learn the same strokes, wear the water wings, till everyone is comfortable.

A separate page now features posts from those who wanted a larger experience, not so guided, more open to big ideas, comparisons and experimentation. It’s the deep end, where you can dive, swim laps real fast, or do cannonballs, and no one will complain.

5 thoughts to “Dividing the Pool”

  1. I saw your tweet to Alec Courous about rigging this with reader bundles and plugins (?)

    FWIW its all doable via feed WordPress, this how we segregate ds196 content for different classes/groups.

    You just set FWP default to convert all categories to tags for incoming feeds. Then you can have FWP apply a category you set for each feed (when you add them you can mark one feed in “deep end” category and an another as “kiddie pool”. Then you just have regular WordPress categories to organize by

    1. Whoa, that sounds cool. I’ll try that as soon as I come up for air. Thanks so much for the suggestion – I didn’t know that was possible.

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