Discussion “Triggers”

I found it — the blog post from eLearning Connection that began my use of multimedia triggers for online discussions. I have just finished finding and adding in all the triggers (teasers? prompts? I’ve been calling them “ticklers”, which is more seductive) for my fall classes. These include:

An actor playing a Saxon upset at the Norman invasion, from the National Archives Learning Curve.

A QTRV of Canterbury Cathedral

An animation of throwing things while stationary and in motion from UNSW Physclips, Australia

<— This painting

Animations of the Western Front from the BBC

A video of the Sioux Ghost Dance performed for Buffalo Bill’s show from the Library of Congress

This photo —–>

A 1950s fashion show

And this video of a computer game recreation of the Battle of Agincourt:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH1xp0-32pI]

Should be interesting discussions this semester!

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