How to add a video clip:

Instructions for YouTube video

Find your video on YouTube. Copy the plain URL of the video (you may need to erase extra code like &feature=g-high-u etc.):

Paste it into your forum post, then use the link button (follow the how to add a link instructions).

"Post to forum" and the video will be embedded in your post:

Video Tutorial

If this doesn't work, or your source is not on YouTube

Find your clip on a video hosting site. You need to make sure the clip you choose shows the Embed code. Highlight this code and copy it ( command-c on a Mac, or ctrl-c on a PC).

image logo

If you are using YouTube, be sure to use the "old" code. (The new code uses iframes, which don't always work.)

Go to the week's Discussion Forum, and click Reply to my post or that of one of your colleagues.

Click on the Toggle HTML logo in your tool bar (it appears after you click Reply).


Paste the code into the box to embed your video clip right into the post. (pasting is command-v on a Mac, or ctrl-v on a PC).


Be sure to click the button to post!

embed post

You are not limited to YouTube. Many other sites now provide embed codes for video clips, animations, etc.


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