How to add a link:

Find the URL (address) of the site you want to link to, and copy it ( command-c on a Mac, or ctrl-c on a PC).


Go to the week's Discussion Forum, and click Reply to my post or that of one of your colleagues.

Type in your text, then highlight the part you want to have link to your site.

Click on the link symbol.


A window will pop up. Paste the URL into the box (pasting is command-v on a Mac, or ctrl-v on a PC).

live link linked

To help students stay on the discussion page even after seeing your site, change the Target to "New window". Then click Insert


Back at your post, sure to click the button to finish!

embed post

Please only link to full sites or pages of text. Videos and images should be embedded - this may happen automatically when you make a link live by following the instructions here, or see the FAQ.

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