Amos: Andy, tell me one this: is you a Democrat or is you a Republican?
Andy: Well, I was a Democrat.
Amos: Mmm hmm.
Andy: But I believe I done switched over to the Republicans now.
Amos: Who is the mens who is running against each other to get election time?
Andy: Herbert Hoover and Vesuvius Al Smith.
Amos: Herbert Hoover, Vesuvius Al Smith, huh?
Andy: Yeah.
Amos: Another thing I wanna ask you. What is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?
Andy: Well, one of 'em is a mule, and the other one is a elephant. That's the way I get it.
Amos: Mmm hmm. I don't know if I's gonna be a Democrat or a Republican, you know it?
Andy: Well, what was your ancestors?
Amos: My aunt didn't have no sisters.
Andy: No, no, not your aunt's sisters. Your ancestors. I mean, how did your old man vote?
Amos: Oh, my papa, you mean?
Andy: Yes, that's it.
Amos: Oh, papa used to always vote for the Democrat.
Andy: Well, then, if I was in your place, I would vote for the Republican.
Amos: How come?
Andy: Cuz I ain't never knows your old man to do nothing right in his life.
Amos: Wait a minute, no, wait a minute. Don't say no mo' about him now.
Andy: Well, on the other hand though, I believe you ought to vote for the Democrat cuz you look more like a mule than anything I know.