Advertisement: Pessary/Sheath (1891)

Lambert's New Combined Pessary Sheath

The Combined Appliance is manufactured from pure Vulcanised and Medicated Rubber, and is the latest improvement in Pessaries for prevention. It is fitted with a flexible steel coil rim, covered with rubber, by which means it can be rolled up into the shaped of a Spring Pessarie and used as such by the wife. It can also be unrolled, and, in its normal shape, be used by the husband as the most reliable Sheath yet invented, as it is simply impossible for anything to escape into the passage when used in this form. If cleansed and used according to the instructions given, the appliance may be employed with complete confidence for a considerable period. This appliance is made in three sizes, the medium being the most useful. Complete, with directions for use, 4s. each. Special sizes made to order, 5s. each.

Questions: What were the advantages of this device?  What would you need to know to use it properly?