Langston Hughes: Beaumont to Detroit (1943)

                   Looky here, America
                  What you done done --
                   Let things drift
                   Until the riots come
                   Now your policemen
                   Let the mobs run free.
                   I reckon you don't care
                   Nothing about me.
                   You tell me that hitler
                   Is a mighty bad man.
                   I guess he took lessons
                   From the ku klux klan.
                   You tell me mussolini's
                   Got an evil heart.
                   Well, it mus-a been in Beaumont
                  That he had his start --
                   Cause everything that hitler
                   And mussolini do
                   Negroes get the same
                   Treatment from you
                   You jim crowed me
                   Before hitler rose to power --
                   And you're still jim crowing me
                   Right now, this very hour.
                   Yet you say we're fightin
                   For democracy.
                   Then why don't democracy
                   Include me?
                   I ask you this question
                   Cause I want to know
                   How long I got to fight
                   BOTH HITLER -- AND JIM CROW.

Question:  To what extent did Langston Hughes seem to support American efforts in World War II?