Elegant music plays. A shot of Regent's Park from above. Then we see people in their carriages and riding horses, dressed to be seen. A man and women are seen riding together; she is riding side-saddle, her dress and hat of rich fabric. The camera pans to a middle-aged woman in a lace cap sitting in a closed carriage, with her arm leaning on the window. Another couple pass by on horses, walking slowly - this woman is wearing a hat with large feathers. A shot of a third couple, dressed differently but with equal elegance. The camera then shows the face of a pretty woman with a parasol talking to two men, one in military dress. She winks toward the camera as if at a secret lover she sees. A middle-aged gentleman smiles along with another couple, enjoying the view of everyone. Three people on horseback appear - two men in extravagant military dress with big hats, one on either side of a woman friend. A woman looks around. Shot of a woman with a baby in a perambulator, talking to a young gentleman in a different style of uniform with a pillbox hat. Last shot shows another couple approaching, with crowds of people and horses and carriages nearby.